5 Easy & Fun Halloween Food Ideas

Create these quick and easy spooky snacks for your Halloween party this year

If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, or if you’re getting into the spirit of the holiday, why not create your own spooky snacks at home?
These five quick and easy snack ideas are perfect for sharing and you can even get the kids involved to help you make them.

1. Cheese & Pretzel Broomsticks

Witches and wizards alike with love these tasty savoury snacks. To make them, simply cut a slice of cheese in half, then cut slits and wrap it around the end of a straight pretzel. Tie the cheese onto the pretzel with chives and trim it with scissors. Simple!

2. Creepy Carrot Fingers

A hand reaching out from the muck is sure to freak out party guests. Just use a peeler to shape baby carrots, leaving a flat surface to add an almond flake fingernail. Stick them into a bowl of hummus or your choice of dip and serve.

3. Funny Fruit Faces

This snack is not only fun for the kids but it’s healthy too! Use a non-toxic felt tip pen to draw faces on the skin of mandarins. You can also get the kids to decorate their own.

4. Banana Ghosts and Mandarin Jack-O-Lanterns

Serve up a platter of fruit, Halloween style. Make jack-o-lanterns by putting celery stalks in the tops of peeled mandarins. Create ghosts by halving peeled bananas and adding choc chip faces. 

5. Spooky Cheese Burgers

Turn ordinary burgers into tasty Halloween creations by carving scary faces and jack-o-lanterns into a slice of cheese with a sharp knife. Lay them on top of the burger and watch them gruesomely melt.
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