Handy Christmas Hacks

Try these super-simple storage ideas and festive tricks to get organised this Christmas

Try these super-simple storage idea and festive tricks to get organised for Christmas.
1. Use bulldog clips to hold up Christmas lights. It makes them easier to put up and take down.
2. Create a ribbon dispenser. Place rolls of ribbon basket and pull the ribbon through the holes in the side. It keeps ribbons organised and makes them easier to cut to size.
3. Make an ornament from a soft drink can. Simple cut slits in an empty can using a craft knife, then spray paint the can gold and hang it from the tree using the tab. A great way to recycle!
4. Wrap lights around a coat hanger. Instead of rolling Christmas lights into a messy ball, wrap them around a coat hanger. It makes them easier to unroll and store.
5. Store baubles in an egg carton. Place fragile decorations in a cardboard egg carton to prevent them getting damaged in storage.
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