How To Refresh Grout

Refresh old grout fast for a durable finish in any tiled area

Rejuvenated grout
Old grout is easily refreshed with Davco Rejuvination Grout

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Cracked and mouldy tile grout can make the bathroom an unpleasant place to spend time in.

Traditionally, repairing damaged or discoloured grout was an extensive, messy process that involved scraping out the old grout, then mixing and carefully applying new grout, or tediously running a whitening pen over every single strip of grout. 

To give the bathroom that fresh, just-tiled feel you can apply Davco Rejuvenation Grout over existing grout. Simply spread it over the grout joints then wipe it off the tile surface for a fast, no-fuss refresh.
The pre-mixed formula is available in a choice of six colours and it’s ready to use straight from the pail.
Boasting a tough, wear-resistant finish, it isn’t just for bathrooms but can be used in almost any interior or exterior tiled area, including floors and pools.
The stain, mould and bacteria resistant formula has a curing time of 12 hours in dry areas, 48 in wet areas and 7 days in submerged areas.
Easier on the budget than re-tiling or even re-grouting, Davco Rejuvenation Grout is a time-saving DIY solution.


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*Not suitable for use on textured or porous tiles and flush joints.

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How To Refresh Grout

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